By Piers Thurston (Australia)

Relationships, the ability to relate and connect, are like a watermark behind everything we encounter in the game of life. As coaches, our clients often present it to us overtly as a specific topic e.g.  ‘I need to work on my relationship(s)’, but really it has an implication for every area of our life and work – from the very second we are born to the second we die, we are relating to others at some level.

I used to believe that open, honest and authentic communication was almost unsurpassable as a key foundation for creating a great relationship. I thought if you could at least talk things through together in an adult and open manner, you would be okay.

I coached from that perspective for many years and it enabled my clients to find new levels of awareness to create different and more effective ways to communicate with people and help them discover their authentic values and beliefs using models such as NLP metaprogrammes, rapport building techniques, transactional analysis, values elicitation etc.

Source: iCN Issue 7 (Relationship Coaching); pages 58-59

About Piers Thurston

Piers Thurston is one of London’s leading coaches and corporate trainers, specialising in mindset transformation. He has been coaching, facilitating and training professionally since 2001. Having created two coaching business Making Change Work and FeelHappyNow

His clients have included global bluechip organisations such as Unilever, Mars, Kraft, Coca Cola, Ford, HSBC, Bacardi, Tesco, and the UK government. As well as private clients ranging from national newspaper editors to world class professional sports stars.