By Zornitsa Stefanova (Bulgaria)

My relationship with myself, everyone’s relationship with himself – the most wonderful, challenging, fulfilling, and powerful and far too often the most disregarded personal relationship of all.

Some years ago I became aware that it is of utmost importance for me as a coach to be aligned – my conscious self with my inner and my higher self in order to connect with the person/s in front ofme.

Yesterday I had an enlightening session with a new client of mine. It was as if I was channelling some messages. At the end of the session my client looked intrigued and told me I had been asking her the questions to which she had “seen” the answers in her imagination. She had felt as if she were “heard”and “understood”at a deeper level. I felt complete and fulfilled because she was energised to make some important steps in the field of relationships, including her relationships with her parents and with money.

Source: iCN Issue 7 (Relationship Coaching); page 41

About Zornitsa Stefanova

Zornitsa Stefanova is a professional Life and Executive Coach, APC (IIC&M). She is passionate about coaching as a tool for transformational changes in people leading to more fulfilling, balanced, and meaningful life. She helps her clients in Bulgaria, USA, Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia, Germany, and Russia reach their personal potential, be even more successful as business and community leaders.