By Ashutosh Tewari (India)

The Titanic was a ship which was built not to sink. However, even its engineering marvel did not help it from sinking. An iceberg hit did not prevent its steel structure from splitting into two and thereafter, sinking to the ocean floor. All but a few sank with the Titanic.

Relationships too, are like the Titanic. It’s a ship of relations. It’s an algorithm which keeps those in relationship together. It’s governed by certain laws and rules which all on board the ship have to understand, follow and execute. Any violation of these rules is likely to sink the ship. There is a set of rules which are related to the ship’s design. Another set of rules relates to the laws of the waves and buoyancy etc. Both the rules of the ship and the waves have to be followed by the occupants of the ship to keep the ship afloat or a relationship alive.

Source: iCN Issue 7 (Relationship Coaching); pages 20-22

About Ashutosh Tewari

Ashutosh is a Personal Transformation and Master Spirit Life Coach from India. He applies the Principles of Eastern Philosophy to understand the inner design of his clients and provides tailor made answers to his clients.