by Divya Parekh (USA)

In the old days – maybe ten years ago – doing a gig meant your band got a date to play in a club or an actress landed a commercial she had to film. It was a one-shot deal and a way to share your artistic talent, whatever it was. Comedians got a comedy club gig; an artist had a few days to show his or her paintings, the guy staffing the soundboard got to go work when a group came into town for a concert and so on.

Now, that ‘gig’ term refers to job opportunities in many professions. Rather than working full time for one company, an IT technician might do a week’s work in one company and then do three months across town in another. You take almost any profession, and the same principle applies.

As hiring people for short-term assignments becomes more prevalent, I believe the gig economy is only going to grow. Some people have an adverse reaction to businesses operating in this way. Instead of lamenting that things are not like they used to be, we should embrace this trend. There are advantages for the ones doing the hiring – savings on taxes and benefits, only bringing on others for specific projects, and having the flexibility you might not have with a full-time employee.

Those doing the gigs allow choice, usually receiving a more substantial hourly amount than an employee, and the opportunity to become a real entrepreneur. There are some drawbacks, but life is always weighing the pros and cons, and if you want to be the master of your destiny, embracing the gig economy is a great business plan to pursue.

Source: iCN Issue 30  (Group & Team Coaching); pages 18-20

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