by Olga Kiss & Gabriella Peuker (Hungary)

Today, in a VUCA world, it is essential for teams to use their personal experiences, learn from them, and change as fast as they can to stay ahead of the curve. Reflection is the key, and agile teams have elaborated exciting forms of reflective team learning to be able to adapt to – or even lead – an extremely fast changing business environment. We picked one single part of their organisational culture which we think to be the most important, and which is easily applicable for non-agile teams.

The retrospective is special meeting devoted to reflective team learning. It is a time to talk about the experiences of the past period (usually 1-4 weeks, because agile teams work in small iterations producing incremental parts of the final product), and to discuss what went well or wrong, find opportunities to improve the way they work together, and decide which one (or a few) changes to try out in the next period. The change is frequently experimental. At the next retrospective they discuss whether it has worked or not.

Source: iCN Issue 19  (Group Dynamics:Team Coaching); pages 63-66

About the Authors

Olga Kiss, PhD and Gabriella Peuker are the founders of AgileHuman – a team of experts to study the human side of Agile, and to bring its achievements to other fields of coaching.

Olga Kiss is an academic, a coach, and she is the Vice President Research of EMCC Hungary.

Gabriella Peuker is an EMCC EIA accredited coach at Practitioner level, team coach, trainer, OD consultant. She has more than ten years of experience in working with groups and teams in business, in the field of SMEs and multinational companies.

Co-initiating, co-creating, co-evolving, co-sensing are essential parts of our working together.