By Mindy Gibbins-Klein (United Kingdom)

We all have a compulsion to strive for others’ acknowledgement and recognition for our achievements. To get this recognition, we must share our ideas and accomplishments with the world. Mindy Gibbins-Klein explains how to do this.

Why do most people refrain from expressing themselves? Despite having heard many different answers to this question in the past, the majority of them can be categorised as ‘fear’. Regardless of how experienced, or well-educated we are, fear can creep up to put a downer on our ambitions. And while it’s a useful thing to have our wits about us in dark alleys, they often cause nothing but detriment when working towards a positive goal.

Source: iCN Issue 17  (Life Coaching: The Power to Change Peoples Lives); pages 49-50

About Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Mindy Gibbins-Klein MBA FPSA FRSA is a multi-award-winning international speaker, author and thought leadership strategist. Her flagship book 24 Carat BOLD outlines the four attributes found in true thought leaders.  Her latest book The Thoughtful Leader takes thought leadership to a new level.

Founder and CEO of REAL Thought Leaders, The Book Midwife® and Panoma Press, Mindy has authored and co-authored eight books.  She is also a regular contributor to the business press on thought leadership and raising your profile.