Quollify, a business matching app has been referred to by some, as TikTok, but for business only.

It is based on thirty-second videos, whereby the speaker announces their name, exactly what he or she is doing and exactly who they are seeking. Then, through clever algorithms, keywords and many other methods, instantaneous matches will be created. Business networking in a blink…

Ostensibly, this will be a mega, FREE advertising and marketing platform for entrepreneurs and business people and who better to create and market such an app, than “The incredible Ron G Holland, quite possibly the greatest business and mind power guru in Britain……” (FleetStreet Publishing) “The Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur” (Success Now) and “UK’s Number One Millionaire Maker” (Streetwise Publications)

Just in the past few weeks, Quollify has concluded strategic alliances with a major video hosting platform, a software company, the largest email company in the UK, the largest coaching magazine in the world, one of the largest women’s network in the UK and UK’s number one stunt man for publicity purposes. There are many more such technology and marketing alliances, already in the pipeline. Currently, 30-second videos flooding in, for their beta test.

TikTok mkt cap is now 50 billion, Tinder is 4 billion and Clubhouse, launched 12 months ago, is at over a billion. At Quollify, they really do have a ‘Tiger by the Tail’ and know how to market the Quollify app globally, to an audience that is screaming out for such an advertising and marketing platform that delivers qualified leads at the speed of thought. This will be a game-changer, a disrupter, and will be used by recruiters; professionals, MLMers, biz-opp seekers, barterers, team builders and entrepreneurs seeking co-founders; investors, coaches, mentors, non-executives, professional advisers, IT people and tens of thousands of others looking for qualified leads.

Coaches should register their interest in the Quollify app immediately and get regular updates on its development and launch. Here is a platform that will attract qualified clients to you. Further, you will be able to introduce it to your clients and allow them to attract clients, people and customers too.

GO HERE NOW: www.quollify.com – register your interest and tell as many friends as you like.