By: Deborah Knox (USA)

What is it about that short extended period in our lives where we devote so much of our available energy to fulfilling our career goals?  The amount of time and energy can be justified IF we enjoy what we are doing, are enlivened by it, and feel adequately rewarded and recognised for the role.  We seem to give our best selves to those years between 30 and 60 when the drive to excel and produce keeps us going with varying degrees of fortitude.

If you have recently made a job or career change into the field of coaching you have some knowledge of what is required to accomplish this.  But finding meaningful work, as you know, is not a simple task.  It requires researching, heightened self awareness with the ability to be objective and subjective at the same time, and a very open mind. As a coach consider adding this service to your portfolio by giving it your full attention. By helping your clients discover what would be meaningful work for them, you will be providing them with tools that will last a lifetime. The need for career planning, coaching and counselling services are different for each stage of one’s career development and understanding the needs will help you meet their goals.

For Millennials starting out, the call to find purpose – and get a job, any job, – the need for career planning has never been more important. There has been a staggering increase in the number of “careers” a person can hold in a lifetime. The numbers have gone from 1 – 2 at the most with an average of 10 for Millennials in 2016.

Source: iCN Issue 18  (Career Coaching); pages 51-52

About Deborah Knox

Deborah Knox is the author of Put Your Spirit To Work: Making a Living Being Yourself’, Wheatmark, 2012.  She has been providing Career and Life Work Planning Services since 1972 when she attended an outplacement workshop for hundreds of Pam Am flight attendants, conducted by John C. Crystal. Her passion for the comprehensive program presented in her book, has inspired thousands to discover their own life work purpose and meaningful living.  She attended Coaches Training Institute in 1990. She has a BS from Elmira College and graduate work in Adult Education.