By Ken Keis, MBA (Canada)

Everything in life centres around measurement—money, travel, time, age, weight, volume, temperature, stock indexes—the list is endless. That is true even in underdeveloped countries that use the rising of the sun and moon and the changing of the seasons as measurements.

Yet, our experience has been that most people do not have a personal measurement strategy to help improve their lives or to help them establish their career path. A proper assessment/measurement strategy can offer amazing freedom, clarity, direction, and release to individuals and organizations.

Without offending people’s sensitivities, I believe it’s doubtful (maybe even unprofessional) that a coaching practitioner or coaching process can be fully successful without an assessment strategy. Why? It is essential to understand, benchmark, clarify, and measure.

Source: iCN Issue 4 (NLP in Coaching); pages 31-33