by Natasha Old (Australia)

‘Subjective well-being, as measured by optimism and other positive emotions, protects one from physical illness’


Positive Psychology Health Coaching focuses on identifying health assets, building health promotion strategies and developing a positive mind-set around health and wellness. Furthermore these interventions assist in reframing the traditional sickness role into a wellness model and shift clients towards optimal health.

Health and wellness coaches can be found in the fitness industry, to large corporations and now in mainstream medicine. Indeed, these agents for change are making their mark and assisting people to transform unhealthy thoughts and behaviours into life changing results.

With new research pointing to the effects of stress on our physical and mental functioning, it is fair to say that the terms ‘health’ and ‘quality of life’ are becoming synonymous. The worldwide incidence of chronic disease is rising rapidly and is projected to exceed communicable, maternal, perinatal, and nutritional diseases as the most common causes of death by 2030.

Although there have been numerous efforts to battle the progression of chronic Disease worldwide the incidence continues to grow with no solution in sight. There is evidence that education alone is insufficient for people to change their health behaviours. There is a need for innovative creative solutions for the progression of chronic disease internationally. There is strong support to advance the science of health prevention and the most proactive version of positive health is the promotion of optimal health and sustaining supportive environments.

Source: iCN Issue 22 (Wellness & Holistic Coaching); pages 16-19