Personal Relationships: A Mirror To Who We Truly Are Within

by Barbara Mutedzi (Indonesia)

As the dynamic creatures that we are, we are constantly evolving not only in interaction with those around us, but within our own individual selves and, within our local, national and global environments. As a result, with and at each interaction point; we are changing, evolving and moving whether we are consciously aware or not.

For a person interested in deep self-awareness, emotional intelligence and agility; relationships are an opportune time to harness and direct the type of inner growth they are looking for. It is a sacred space to genuinely ask the question: Who am I really?

Knowing that we evolve with each interaction with others, ourselves and the environment; a suggestion would be from time to time to ask this question of who you really are, as a way to measure your growth and to re-direct it as needed. It is an opportune time to fully understand who you are at any stage, as you knowingly integrate aspects of this, to fully embrace the person you are becoming.

Let’s break it down: Everyone and everything around us, is a mirror of who we truly are inside. Not the outward mirror we get to stand in front of, as it reflects our outer selves; but the mirror to our inner mind. To briefly understand what the mind is: It is both a channel and a vessel for our thoughts. The thought we think, are the building blocks to what the mind becomes. If we don’t hold on to the thoughts that we have, our minds become channels that are open minded and therefore unaffected by the thoughts we have. As opposed to being directed by the thoughts we have which are man-made, we are guided rather, by our higher inner Being, whatever that might for you.

We may not be able to realise any of this, but what is happening is that those around us, are constantly holding mirrors to the very fabric of our current minds. Remember that our current minds, the very fabric of the type of thoughts we have on a regular basis. The thoughts we have are influenced by what and whom we expose and surround ourselves to. When we look around us, what we love about others and the environment around us, is what we deeply and internally love about ourselves. What we don’t love or don’t like about others or our environments, is what we deeply and internally don’t like about ourselves.

It may be quite daunting to think of others and our environments in this way, but not to worry, it is all a process of becoming more aware and more conscious on what you can work on, what you can embrace and what you can let go. A more conscious and self-empowering way is to see relationships, situations and environments, as an opportunity for personal development and growth. We are able to grow and strengthen parts of ourselves, when we become aware of them. We can’t change or grow what we cannot see.

Source: iCN Issue 40  (Relationship Coaching); pages 11-13

Barbara MutedziAbout Barbara Mutedzi

Barbara Mutedzi is a Conscious Leadership & Wellbeing Coach. Her life purpose is to help people harness and control the power they have within, to live and lead a life of and on purpose. Specific to business owners and leaders, she helps them sharpen their conscious leadership skills for higher performance, impact and return on investment. All her related courses, programs and workshops are deeply ingrained in her academic and professional background in psychology, anthropology, neuroscience, metaphysics and consciousness.





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