by Mariana Andrei

“A coach’s awareness To The psychological implications personal executive coaching entangles is most useful in The choice of his/ her approach.”

There are a few psychological aspects we should pay attention to when we embark on Personal Executive Coaching. The name itself of “personal executive coaching” implies triangulation: the coachee, the organization he works for and the coach. This aspect  charges the direct relationship between coach and coachee with an extra element not present in the case of Life coaching. Both coach and coachee are aware of the responsibility they share: at the end of the process a third party is expecting palpable results. A double responsibility lies on the shoulders of the coach. Yet, all along this process the coach is aware that, in a subtle way, the coachee is under increased scrutiny at that particular moment.

Source: iCN Issue 2 (Business Coaching); pages 70-71