By Peter Zoeftig (United Kingdom)

Outcomes-based coaching and skills acquisition, as I define it here, is where the learner defines his/her targets in alliance with a coach, and is engaged positively in the adventure of how to reach them. The coachee learns where he/she needs to be, and what resources are needed to go there; and whatever assistance is given by the coach along the way, is not laid down by a textbook, theory of thinking, or teacher belief but allows for the discovery of aspects of the linguistic and cultural paradigms of his/her target language, as well as insights into him/herself, which are key elements in reaching the goal successfully. Instead of teaching methods based on syllabuses or textbook exercises, we use strategies and insights that are well-established in coaching.

This “outcomes-based” coaching model represents a re-think of how we address issues of learner-centred models of acquisition, allied with a variety of coach talk strategies informed by NLP, and references the Natural Approach and coaching skills involving self-assessment wheels and emotional awareness. Key points include how outcomes can be measured in terms of critical shifts of understanding and behaviour in the learner, and the coach’s reading of the how inner dialogue develops in the learner.

The emphasis is on explicit and clear outcomes and deepening practice methods.

Source: iCN Issue 4 (NLP in Coaching); pages 54-57

About Peter Zoeftig

Peter Zoeftig has over 25 years’ experience of teaching and coaching, having worked in over a dozen International establishments, in France, Belgium, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom (in York and Bromsgrove) and holds qualifications in NLP and coaching. Peter is involved in both Personal and Business Executive Coaching at the highest levels, more recently providing training for CERAN in Spa, Belgium .