By Neli Petkova (Germany)

Health is something, which we take for granted, unless we have lost it. The same applies to our clients; they very often raise questions about health, when problems have already appeared. Nowadays, health and disease prevention are topics of great interest and this is the reason why health coaching is gaining in popularity.

Nutrition is one very important aspect of health, in addition to sport and physical activities, positive mindset, and other healthy choices. Nutrients ease our bodies to function in the best possible way, bringing molecules for all the biochemical reactions and processes, which happen normally there every day. On the other hand, molecules, which enter inappropriately our body during nutrition, can stop the healthy reactions or trigger other biochemical reactions, which can cause diseases in the future. Therefore, getting the right nutrients and balanced nutrition will help our body to function at full capacity and this will enable us to keep away from diseases.

Source: iCN Issue 6 (Personal Style & Wellness Coaching); pages 51-52