By Reginald G. Jackson, Sr. (USA)

We ask permission countless times a day. We do this at work, at home, at the store, or sometimes even with perfect strangers. If you have ever been in line at the register with only a few items, you may have asked the person in front of you if you could get ahead of them. I’m sure you can think of many other ways you ask for permission. Believe it or not, even requesting leave on your job is asking permission. On the other hand, there are probably just as many times during the day when you wish someone asked your permission. Instead, you are left with feelings of confusion, disrespect, maybe even anger. There is the car on the road that zipped in front of you, or the co-worker who took credit for your work without acknowledging your contribution! How about the neighbour who has guests over and they park in front of your mailbox, block your driveway, or park in your designated spot! If any of this has ever happened, you can more than likely relive the memory, to include the emotion(s) you experienced in that moment.

Source: iCN Issue 14 vol.1  (Marketing for Coaches); pages 49-50

About Reginald G. Jackson, Sr.

As a Personal and Business Coach, he works with individuals, as well as groups, inspiring them to move outside their comfort zone and realise their greatness. His journey up to this point is interesting and quite diverse.  Having served in the Marine Corps for more than twenty years, he offers a unique blend of leadership, wisdom, and compassion. Over the span of his career, he trained, counseled, and mentored hundreds of Marines.  It was during that time he developed the insight and awareness that makes him such a powerful Coach.  Since retiring from the Corps in 2007, he has held leadership positions in the IT industry, to include consulting and project management.  Working with others and seeing “the light come on” is especially rewarding.