By Jay Arnott (United Kingdom)

NLP has filtered into numerous fields spanning the realms of business, education, therapy, sport and now has wormed its way into coaching. So, whether people say they like it or not, many are using it.

Expressions such as ‘framing,’ ‘reframe,’ ‘limiting beliefs,’ ‘congruent’ and ‘calibration’ flow from coaches verbiage without notice. Presuppositions like ‘communication is the response you get,’ are commonplace and catchphrases like, ‘If what you are doing is not working then do something different’ emerge from hidden laws of requisite variety.

Source: iCN Issue 16 (NLP & Coaching); pages 9-11

JayAAbout Jay Arnott

Coaching Accelerator: NLP trainer, hypnotist at NLP Newcastle

Jay offers in-house coaching for teams to develop behavioural performance and embed brilliant people related practices to transform working culture and bottom line. Some of these values includes rapport-based marketing, cultural and price point negotiation using NLP and hypnotic language patterns. Most of all, easy to use practical exercises and learning’s to quickly transform emotional state, skills and behaviour.