By Diana Barden (United Kingdom)

‘Career: is a past trauma holding you back from career success? Diana Barden explores how past trauma affects people and even those who have been severely traumatised can work to turn their trauma into success’

The one thing we learn when we live through a traumatic event for the first time, is that we do not have a divine right to a nice, easy, plain-sailing, trauma-free life! Traumatic events (for example serious illness, divorce, redundancy, bereavement) happen to everyone, and debilitating, depressing and disempowering as they may be, can also be an opportunity for renewal, re-energising and re-birth. It all comes down to our perspective, how we view the event itself and how we choose to deal with it. This choice will be affected by a number of things: past history, our peer group and how they tend to choose, the ‘meaning’ we give the traumatic event, and something we might term resilience or our ‘locus of control.

Source: iCN Issue 8 (Career Coaching); page 50

About Diana Barden

Diana has spent the last 20 years delving into the mind-body connection, and what can be possible when we start consciously choosing our own feelings and emotions. As a trainer, mentor and coach, Diana is committed to working with those who want to turn life’s traumas into successes, and leave the world a better place as a result. Diana lives with her two children near Cambridge.