by Phil Bedford (UAE)

Imagine the scenario

The board room door closes, the manager says “what are we going to do?  Sales are down, marketing budgets have dropped and we need clients or we will have to let some of you go. What can we do that we are not doing already?”

The team starts to mumble and someone offers “Well, how about Networking”.

Reading this, many of you may begin to navigate the emotions that the team members go through. Some think “great idea I love it”, some think ‘tried that, it didn’t work”, some people break into a sweat “I don’t know how and it scares me” or “I didn’t even think of it, what is it? Is that when I fix my computer cables?”

The above is a real scenario. I have been in that room and I think many of you will have also faced similar situations. If not in a board room, then in conversation with yourself when you are thinking of how to get clients. Networking is one of our fundamental human abilities. Still confused? What if I called it Relationship Building for the benefit of yourselves, others and society?

Source: iCN Issue 19 (Group Dynamics: Team Coaching); pages 47-48

About Phil Bedford

Phil Bedford is a seasoned business owner who has built his career in both the UK and Dubai. He specialises in relationship marketing and is the founder of Read the book:’