You Control the Switch!

by Katherine S. Egan (USA)

It seems like it’s getting more and more difficult these days to understand what to eat and how to live for optimal health. Each week there is a new study contradicting the one we heard about last month or last year. Is coffee good for you or not? How much exercise do we actually need? Am I drinking enough water? Should I take up meditation or yoga? Should I be eating gluten? Soy? Dairy? What about sugar? What’s the best diet; Mediterranean, Atkins, Paleo, Anti-inflammatory, Raw Foods, Vegetarian, Vegan? Help!

Then there are terms thrown around like non-GMO, organic, pastured, grass-fed, wild-caught, etc. And different rules apply depending on where you happen to live on this planet. For example, there is a list of food items that are acceptable in the United States, but are banned in much of Europe. There are countries that do not allow genetically modified crops to be grown in their country but still import them.

How does one interpret this bombardment of mixed messages? How do you really know that the information you find on the Internet is accurate and not some marketing scam? Is the study you are reading, that says Genetically Modified foods are fine, actually coming from the company that has the most to gain from selling GM foods?

It can all be very confusing and frustrating. But, what if you discovered that Mother Nature made us perfect and even provided an on-off switch to let us control our future health? This ‘switch’ is an inherent programme in our body or DNA that has been revealed in a relatively new science called ‘epigenetics.’ It proves that although genetics may determine a part of our overall health, given the proper environment, our body can switch the bad genes off and turn the healing ones on.

So, how do we go about creating the health, vitality and energy we all deserve while keeping life simple?

Source: iCN Issue 22  (Wellness & Holistic Coaching); pages 20-22

About Katherine S. Egan

Katherine combines her experience as an internationally certified Holistic Health Coach and an MS in Professional and Technical Communications, and over 20 years of writing experience, with the goal of educating others. Individually, she helps clients rediscover their path toward optimal health to find what she calls ‘your extraordinary.’ Her love of writing and teaching can be discovered by reading her book Genetics Isn’t Everything: How to Make Your ‘G-E-N-E-S’ Fit You which delves into the fascinating field of self-healing and proves that genetics doesn’t have to determine your destiny. Contact Katherine today at