By Krisztina Csurgo – iCN Journalist (Hungary/Egypt)

Great and memorable leaders in the history made such a huge impact on people’s lives that they are still with us and being unforgettable while in a lot of cases the modern corporate world hardly can define what an outstanding leader would mean for their own success.

Certainly our reality creates so many unexpected situations which let us face with huge challenges when it comes to successful management.

Based on the past few year’s worldwide events it is not an unrealistic strategy anymore to be prepared for fast moving technology, natural disasters, unstable political environment or the working moral of the newer generations. These parameters became part of our everyday life and, so it should be considered when we try to define the nature of future leadership.

Mohamed Eissa will share some of his experience about the top leadership issues. Besides being business trainer, consultant, life and executive coach, he is also the Head of Talent Development in a leading automotive group in Egypt.

Source: iCN Issue 14 vol.1  (Marketing for Coaches); pages 39-41

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