by Risto M. Koskinen (Finland)

As a coach, I rely on a multi-model approach in coaching, seeing that one size does not fit all. Our clients’ aspirations, needs, competences and contexts vary considerably, and so do the issues they are facing, too. Exploring different narrative frameworks can open interesting perspectives coaches can make use of in their coaching effort. In this article I will introduce two such frameworks – life course and career stages frameworks. As such either of them – or both – can be linked to client’s personal narrative, thus expanding the context the transition is reviewed.  

Career Transition Coaching

There seems to be only one book dealing straight with career transition coaching skills, Caroline Talbott’s Essential Career Coaching Skills (2013). She deciphers quite comprehensively the psychological, mental, behavioural, and practical perspectives of career transition, and presents a wide range of tools for coaches to adopt into their mode of practice. She also identifies different target groups with varying needs and acquirements, thus pointing that career transition coaching is not a definite or strict entity but a versatile field of practice.

Source: iCN Issue 25 (Career Coaching); pages 32-35

About Risto M Koskinen

Risto M Koskinen, MBA, is a Finnish coach and supervisor, specialised in career transition coaching for key value providers. He is a Certified Progress Coach® and a Certified Supervisor®. You can contact him at