By Paula Pluck (United Kingdom)

In today’s society the notion of sitting still is becoming almost impossible to achieve. I think this is a main contributor to the mindfulness meditation revolution underway.  Let’s not pretend that however successfully we do it juggling family, relationships, career and the ordinary pressures of life is easy.  It isn’t.  From business leaders to soldiers on the front line, these days coaches and therapists will be advocating mindfulness meditation to manage stress.

There is always something to do or somewhere to go and that’s before we tweet, blog or receive emails on our Smartphone’s. You can see why the intensity of change can become overwhelming. Our brain never gets chance to pause and with so many thoughts racing around our head, it is easy to see why the result is often stress.

So how can we manage that stress?

Source: iCN Issue 6 (Personal Style & Wellness Coaching); pages 55-56