By Cheryl Oribabor (USA)

As a coach with your own practice, you may have been told what to do to grow your business. Mentors, senior level colleagues, business partners, peers, and others have shared with you how THEY achieved success. But many entrepreneurs and business owners like you remain uncomfortable when it comes to that dreaded word … marketing … or even worse … a marketing plan!

Why? Because you likely have not been given the correct tools to truly market yourself.

The perfect marketing plan should pinpoint motivating factors that inspire you to achieve your specific goals in a way that offers you the freedom to be yourself, make genuine connections and establish authentic relationships.

So, while it may seem like a great idea to participate in networking events or meetings, without thoughtful consideration of your comfort level and potential contribution, it might not yield desirable results; in fact, it may actually deter you from marketing!

Source: iCN Issue 10 (Business Coaching); pages 30-31

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Cheryl Oribabor is a Senior Marketing Consultant & Life Coach. With Marketing Plan Coaching she serves business owners and entrepreneurs, offering customized marketing plans, business development coaching and social media training. Her inspiration is in providing insight to help you grow your business and do more of what you love. Cheryl can be reached at 856.441.0577 or