Let’s Talk Inner Balance

by Alice Thomson (UK)

Does the Swedish word LAGOM, representing a concept of ‘just enough’. Not too little, not too much. When I first heard about it, I thought: so…..BALANCE. After all, balance is about finding the middle ground.

Lagom is not very common these days, especially in the Western world. Despite the fact there has been a lot of talk about balance in general, in recent years, it seems to be a rare occurrence in our lives. Modern society, driven by progress doesn’t inspire looking within oneself. Unfortunately, the more we observed the outside, the more we are driven by it; and the more we allow it to happen, the more power the outside has over our lives (what we focus on gets a hold of us). The only way to get back into a driver’s seat is by claiming back that power. We do that by making a decision about living consciously and intentionally. That approach, allows us to redesign our life’s blueprint and to focus on what really matters, which brings us to inner balance.

What is it really? To answer that question, allow me first to tell you what it’s like when the balance is non-existent. Starting with mental health issues and deterioration of our bodies, through problems at work and at home, to unhappy relationships and overall feeling of dissatisfaction and/or disappointment with one’s life; all of the above, are the results of a lack of balance. People often underestimate the power of our inner experience and the consequences of that attitude are the feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, despair, unhappiness and, what can be described as, walking on a shaky ground. When the balance is gone, nothing feels solid and secure anymore and it’s because, it is the balance that gives us the ability to maintain peace within.

The balance does not come from a perfect life or lack of problems, balance is what allows us to handle life.

Source: iCN Issue 22  (Wellness & Holistic Coaching); pages 43-44

About Alice Thomson

Alice Thomson is a Therapeutic Coach, who works with individuals seeking personal and life transformation, and the founder of Mind Your Mind Academy.

Alice qualified as an Integrative Therapist but, decided to pursue the coaching path. She uses her training and experience in trauma, to inform her coaching practice. Alice is a firm believer in the power of the mind and has a great appreciation for nature and its resources. Apart from her therapeutic qualifications, Alice studied several branches of Psychology, gained a Diploma in Personnel Consultancy and recently embarked on a journey to become a Reiki Master.