by Barbara Mutedzi (Zimbabwe)

Use what resonates with you: I was introduced to the word intersectionality in my graduate classes in Medical Anthropology. The word allowed me to go beyond an understanding that as human beings, we are all different through the many and unique experiences we have in the way we have been raised and in the different global spaces we are in.

What I loved about this word, is that it expanded my own world in a way that allowed me to embrace all of whom I am, not just parts of who I thought I was. The excitement it brought to me was an experiential feeling that we are limitless beings full of potential; and when that potential is ignited along a clear and focused purpose, we can achieve much more than most of us are aware of.

You see, I do believe we are all spiritual beings living a human life. As unique human beings, we all experience the world differently, yet the same. We get to bring in each of our unique traits and use them to benefit not only ourselves but those we lead, serve and look after. Our diversity allows us to explore, expand and use different tools, techniques and platforms to reach our different and global clientele.

Make your services easily accessible: The world is so much bigger than any of us can ever imagine in terms of accessibility, knowledge and understanding. It is an exciting time to embrace this through the many coaching platforms, programs and tools that we can use to expand our reach. What works, is to find what excites you, and use that as a springboard to coach your clients. I personally lean on the sciences. Let’s start with how we can make accessibility easier, and then move on to what and how scientific methods help us connect and coach internationally:

The beautiful thing about technology is that clients are not only focused where we are geographically located. I, for example, use the scheduling platform Calendly to schedule all consultation calls with clients. I make this link available to all my social media platforms and website. I pre-set times that I am available and clients choose which options are available for them. Everything is via email, and is automatically set.

Source: iCN Issue 32  (Coaching Tools, Techniques & Models for Coaching); pages 

About Barbara Mutedzi

Barbara Mutedzi is a Conscious Leadership Coach trained in Neuroscience-based coaching (study of the mind and brain for higher performance; a course accredited by the International Coach Federation – ICF) with a background in Health and Community Psychology; Sociocultural and Medical Anthropology. Running a boutique coaching practice, Barbara is a Transformational Speaker, Leader and Author; a Human catalyst, whose purpose is to help you identify, harness and control the power you have within, to live your full purpose. Specific to Business owners and Leaders, Barbara focuses on sharpening their Conscious leadership skills for higher performance, impact and profit on purpose.