Life Coaching: The Power to Change People’s Lives

by Ivana Radic (Croatia)

How did one of the biggest world crises changed the course of my, and the life of my friends?

It all started in 2020 when I was visiting India with my husband. Due to Corona virus spread, we could not leave our room for more than 6 months, let alone India. So, there I was, stuck in one small apartment, and did not even step out of the house because of the strict restrictions. Someone else brought us rice and vegetables every day on our doorstep, police was beating people who were on the streets, it was a life I could never imagine being possible.

I clearly remember how, in that time, I only had one small bag with a few pieces of clothing and my laptop with me. This is when I started to develop my business. I started thinking about the business idea I had years before, but never had an opportunity to fully concentrate on it. When I was younger, I moved to the UK because I wanted a better future for myself, and first I thought that the better future awaits me somewhere far from home. Working as a consultant there I came to an idea to start a 100% remote company, so other young people like myself don’t have to leave their homes to gain better working experiences and knowledge. If they would be able to find great remote work and stay in Croatia, it would be a dream come true. With that in mind, hundreds of miles away from home, in quarantine and dealing with life circumstances I have never dealt with before, I started to think and build my idea, step by step.

With no money and other sources, I googled everything there is about starting a business, found free online courses and audiobooks, send messages to people on LinkedIn, and spend days and days working on it. I only had 100 euros to invest in my idea, and all the rest was on me. In the first 6 months, I managed to close the call with 31 clients. However, I have to say that during the first year, I was working non-stop, for more than 18 hours per day, having calls with clients from all over the world in every possible time zone. I barely slept and ate but I felt that I need to keep going.

Now, 2 years after, I own a company with more than 40 employed virtual assistants from all over the world, working remotely for clients around the UK (some of my friends, also).

Nothing is impossible if you are willing to work on your vision and give all of you in your idea. You can change your own life, and by doing that, give others a chance to change theirs too.

Source: iCN Issue 43  (Life Coaching); page 17 

About Ivana Radic

Public relations manager, trainer and business therapist. Ivana helps achieve your goals on a personal and professional level. As a public relations manager she helps build and maintain a business image, convey a message to key publics, take care of your reputation, and internal and external communication.

As educator and business therapist her focus is on developing leadership skills, working better your teams, improving business processes and building a more successful company.