By Diane Dutchin (Canada)

I like to describe life coaching as teaching an individual how to improve the quality of their lives. Coaching has been around forever…yes, forever. However, it was only labelled or recognise within the sporting profession. Take any gifted or talented player, they have a coach because they want to excel and improve their game. Within the coaching body, there are various specialities like career, workplace, relationship, confidence, professional, sport, financial and so on. There’s no one coach who specializes in every area of coaching…never buy into that myth.

You will not go to your GP general practitioner to have your teeth clean would you? No, you’d visit your dentist. Likewise, you shouldn’t go to just any coach. You would interview 2-3 potential coaches to find the person who you feel a connection with, who based on your research has the skills, schooling, experience and passion to work with you to achieve results.

Source: iCN Issue 17  (Life Coaching: The Power to Change Peoples Lives); pages 36-37

About Diane Dutchin

Diane Dutchin is Certified Personal & Professional Development Growth Coach.

Diane coaches women on how to improve the quality of their lives by being their best selves. Personal development is not only a passion of Diane, it is an active part of how she live her life.

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