By Nicola Bird (United Kingdom)

Have you ever heard the phrase the ‘busy fool’? For many life coaches, this is their reality. They work all hours of the day servicing their 1:1 coaching clients, often into the evenings. Time for personal and family activities becomes few and far between, but they think “I’m busy,” “I’ve got paying clients,” and “it’s just the nature of coaching, right?”

That mindset is a mistake made by over 95% of coaches and it is something I hope to challenge today. Those coaches whose only revenue comes from selling their 1:1 will always be limited by how much they can physically and mentally deliver in a day, week or month. They will never be able to break through that ceiling, unless they can charge significantly more for their 1:1 time.

For me, life coaching was the perfect choice of career. It meant I could work around my children and pick and choose the times I wanted to work. This is the motivation for many mums I know who are professional coaches. The danger is that most of us at some point fall into the trap of working too much and suddenly, all the reasons we started coaching in the first place seem to be the very things we now miss out on!

Source: iCN Issue 3 (Life Coaching); page 07

About Nicola Bird

With an MSc in Occupational Psychology and a diverse range of business experience, mother of three Nicola Bird went from earning $0 to over $500,000 online by mastering technology to transform her coaching business. She created JigsawBox as a way for her clients to access her expertise online in a flexible and affordable way, whilst leaving her free to concentrate on growing her business and spending time with her young children.

Through JigsawBox, Nicola helps its members to package up their expertise and deliver it online so that they can create more time, money and freedom to do the stuff they love. Nicola is passionate about inspiring women in technology and helping more people to gain a better work/life balance.