by Terri Levine (USA)

Would you like to put certain business tasks on autopilot? Is it time for you to stop being the one who does everything?

If you are not ready to hire a team of people, don’t worry. You can still use automation technology to make some of your daily tasks easier to manage. Keep in mind, too, that if you are ready to delegate, hiring an assistant for minimal hours each month is a great way to start. Once you realise how much time is freed up between automation and delegation, you will start to find more ways to use these options.

The Decision to Automate or Delegate

Did you know you can automate or delegate almost everything in your business, minus the actual coaching you do?

If you want to focus on bigger projects or hit your next level goals–not to mention stop spending all your precious time doing stuff you don’t love–you need support. When you get help with the parts of your business that you don’t enjoy or don’t need to do, you get to focus more on what you love.

This can either happen two ways: delegate or automation. Automation means you are putting a tool – such as a computer system or software – to complete certain tasks, whereas delegation means you are hiring a real person to complete those tasks. Some tasks are better suited for automation versus delegation (and vice versa) but aiming to use both of these options in your business will free up more time on your schedule than you can imagine!

Automation is best for tasks that:

  • Happen at specific times.
  • Don’t need customisation
  • Are ‘tiny’ but happen often

Delegation is best for tasks that do require personalisation. You can also delegate tasks that need to be set up for automation.

Processes, Systems, and Workflows

A process is a sequence of related tasks that make up a larger system so the system functions. Systems are a specific method, or way of doing something in your business. One example of a system is the process for creating a new blog graphic. Consider this one part of your bigger blogging system which documents how you go from idea to published post.

Source: iCN Issue 34  (Leadership Coaching); pages 46-49

About Terri Levine, PhD,

Terri is a business coach and the best-selling author of The Conversion Equation. She has appeared on every major television station, on the TEDx stage, and in publications such as Forbes and Fortune. Dr. Terri has worked with over 6,000 clients worldwide to create their coaching businesses to impact more people, create more income and have more time freedom.

She, has created a movement at  disrupting traditional marketing, advertising and selling methods. Her approach is doing business heart-to-heart with transparency, integrity and authenticity.

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