by Denisa Palii (Germany)

If I were to ask myself what is the link between ‘meditation’ and ‘coaching’, I would reply ‘everything’ – like a thread leading to a needle.

The feelings that you get during meditation – ‘inner balance, ‘joy’, ‘inner silence’ are key. When ‘feeling nothing’ and ‘thinking nothing’ is achieved – ‘feeling present’, ‘feeling like yourself’ comes up, ‘being there’ truly awakens and all you need to do is watch: watch your feelings coming up in the session, watch your mind trying to cripple in some thoughts taking you from non-judgmental awareness to full judgment and paradigms.

Meditation is key. Putting yourself in that ‘nothingness’ state in which you are there for your client, ‘you know you know nothing’, and as a newborn child, you freshly listen and watch as if just born in this world and with full curiosity you put your good energy to use. The benefits come there – when ‘being’, ‘loving’, listening with full open heart and truly connecting with your client happen there.

What would I ask myself more?! Well, how does one enlighten his being, how does one awaken his ‘potential’, how does one transcend what he is and connect with is ‘inner’/’superior’/’better’ self/version?! If not through connecting with himself, if not through asking himself ‘Who am I?’ and going to all that this means.

Source: iCN Issue 22  (Business Coaching); pages 24-25

About Denisa Palii

Practitioner Coach Diploma Student with Noble Manhattan Europe. ICF Approved Coach Specific 32h Training Hours for Life and Work Place Skills Coach Training – ACSTH