By Christine Charles (United Kingdom)

On July 6th I attended a Fun day organised by the company I work for. Expecting to have a nice time with family I walked away having had a nice time as well as being reminded what good leadership is!

The CEO & directors were present and not only that but the CEO was pitching in and serving drinks. It’s quite something seeing your CEO working behind the bar, it made me reflect for the few minutes I was in the queue, the last time I saw a CEO muck in and help out was my sister, when her organisation was raising funds for underprivileged children. I know her and know that she wouldnot be happy if she wasnot mucking in, getting her hands dirty. This time was different. I thought of all the leaders that I have come across and how many of them would be willing to even entertain the thought never mind actually do it!

When I was growing up and still to this day, I hear people talk about being led from the heart, when you do everything flows, I used to frown upon this and think ‘that really isn’t very practical,’ when I did try (in my youth) I would end up daydreaming about being the next biggest popstar!

With age comes experience, you learn, you question and you understand yourself & find your balance.

Source: iCN Issue 5 (Leadership Coaching); page 84