by Iulia Sorescu (Romania)

One of the most valued skills for the future is the adaptability to change. Stability and predictability, as prerequisites for business functionality are long gone. And how can individuals and businesses alike aim for stability and predictability in times of Black Swans?[1]

‘The Impact of Highly Improbable’ in the business environment often come under the umbrella of disruptive change. A change that is no longer localised, but spread across the entire system, from one individual to local communities, entire cities and the society as a whole. Thus, the responsibility of leading through change comes as a difficult leadership burden – especially when leadership depicts one person.

In the context of such complexity, however, the answer to change lies in the power of co-creation. If our prediction skills are not fine-tuned for Black Swans, we can at least connect leaders, organisations, different stakeholders to put the puzzle pieces together for an enlarged perspective. Together we are better prepared for the unpredictable and able to create individual and organisational success through a ‘culture that keeps moving al the time’. (Harvard Business Scholl Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter)

As a life coach, I saw the power of togetherness in the process of personal transformation and I am an advocate of holistic and systemic approaches, such as Design Thinking and U-lab theory. However, this article focuses on the co-creative approach of organisational change as seen from my position of Business Developer for The Alpha Group – a peer-to-peer executive board which folds perfectly on addressing change by bringing together business leaders in a process of creating a collaborative leadership mindset and framing challenges into opportunities.

[1] Nassim Taleb’s Black Swan theory describes the social impact of surprising, unprecedented events

Source: iCN Issue 28  (Corporate Coaching); pages 34-37

About Iulia Sorescu

Iulia Sorescu is a certified coach and trainer. She brings coaching and photography together to help people find their values, live their why and create positive change for them and their communities.

She believes that in this time of disruption, it’s our responsibility to build the world we’d love to live in. And we cannot do so unless we create the best version of ourselves, and then ask how we can make things better around us.

Iulia is living up by her promise in everything that she does – Business Development Coordinator at The Alpha Group International, coach and founder at Uprise Action, Psychology student, daughter, friend and active citizen.

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