By Anne Rød (Norway)

The Millennial generations have entered the workplace and it will never be the same again. With their rucksacks, big headphones and eyes glued to the smart phones, they are digital natives completely unaware of what life was like before the Internet. Now they are setting the pace and the standard for working life and generations before have to rethink how to engage with, and lead, the newcomers.

And maybe leading is not even the right word for what the « always on » generation requires. Our new, constantly communicating colleagues, demand something else that most leaders are neither familiar with, nor recognise the need for. Key words are genuine engagement, connection, involvement and feedback. Born between 1980 and 1999 the Millennial generation have been supported, encouraged and carried from crib to college, resulting in a self-awareness and confidence that leaves the rest of us by the wayside. They expect to be listened to- always- and bargaining with parents in everything from bedtimes to holidays became an integrated skill from an early age.

Source: iCN Issue 14 vol.2  (Marketing for Coaches); pages 34-35

AnneRAbout Anne Rød

Anne Rød, BA, MA, MCC is an Intercultural management consultant and executive team coach based in Oslo, Norway. 20 years in international PR and marketing before entering the field of intercultural coaching and facilitation, has given Anne a broad understanding of international business with all its rewards and challenges. A very experienced facilitator, her main niche is intercultural teams and organisations, having written several internationally published articles on the subject.