Leadership Tips from Parenting

by Lorand Soares Szasz (Romania)

I have never thought of leadership the way I did after I became a father. Of course I’ve read hundreds of books regarding leadership before, have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, but nothing compares to the understanding that parenthood gave me over this subject. Why so, you may wonder… Well, I can illustrate this metaphor by using 3 must-have features both a parent and an excellent leader have.

  1. Patience

A manager is a person who is trained to act accordingly to the numbers of the business. On the other hand, the leader has the patience of a parent. A leader understands the process of learning, of making mistakes and then trying again. A leader trusts his team, and he knows that at the end of the process of learning there is performance. Remember the patience your parents used to have when you were little? Even though they were tired they knew that one day you will walk by yourself. Remember this type of patience next time you see a new colleague that does not fit in the first weeks or your team member doesn’t “produce” within the first days. Give them time, space, encourage them like you know that eventually he’ll do great in your company.

Source: iCN Issue 20 (Executive Coaching); page 51

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