by Helma Lieberwerth (Netherlands)

We live in a world where all kinds of developments follow each other. They do this in such quick succession that we have never experienced before i.e. COVID-19, race of gender issues, or in the field of accelerated technological developments, just to name a few. Something that yesterday was still part of our imagination will suddenly be possible today. Tomorrow there will be something that you would never have imagined. It affects our reality when it comes to organisational forms and the people who work in it. We will keep on undergoing metamorphoses in the coming years, which means our approach to leadership will have to adapt towards such changes!

Leadership vs. Management                                                                                              

A lot of people associate leadership with management. The manager has a team of employees, all with certain jobs. The manager tells them when and what to do to achieve specific objectives; this is their responsibility. It has worked like this for many years. However, all the rapid changes have a major impact on how responsibility is born and by whom. Management is still needed, however leadership is key!


Duties will increasingly change into roles. Work is increasingly organised into projects, where a choice is made by an individual to decide where and when they work. Technology is what enables this. It requires the individual to interact and communicate effectively on a personal level. In addition, responsibilities shift from the manager to the workforce. An employee will manage their own field of work, vitality, workmanship and ability to change.

A manager makes the step to become a professional or a leader. A leader who has a vision and works with various teams in which everyone’s unique contribution and talents has its own benefit, as well as the benefit of the organisation’s contribution. Employees really want to be connected to such a leader.

Inner constant                                                                                                          

These changes ask people, whether they are an employee or a leader, to really know their true selves: who they are in essence, what they contribute to themselves and others from their inner desire, to whom they contribute to and how they manifest this. Essentially, their personal leadership will always be there and in all forms completely naturally, and from an inner constant.

Unique Contribution                                                                                               

Every person is part of the world to contribute something unique to themselves and to a specific group of people. That’s what I call their Intention of Being. This is something quite different than a mission or a purpose or a why, which all can be conceived rationally and socially desirable. The Intention of Being is who a person essentially is. Deep down, they know exactly what that is. It is stored in every cell of their body. They automatically live out their life from their Intention of Being from the very beginning. Whether they are aware of their Intention of Being or still have to become aware of it, it is there.

Source: iCN Issue 34  (Leadership Coaching); pages 37-40

About Helma Lieberwerth                                                                          

Founder Intention of Being and Quaning. Helma Lieberwerth is the worldwide authority for providing insight into how you can be your true self. She has a phenomenal talent to give meaning to signals that we receive on how to live a fulfilling life from inner trust. She described her revolutionary view on people and personal growth in her vision Intention of Being.

She also developed the paradigm shifting guiding methodology Quaning. Helma has more than 35 years of international experience in guiding, training and inspiring people and in educating and guiding leaders, Quaners, trainers and consultants.


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