Leadership Coaching: What it Takes to Be a Great Leader

by Tracey May Corlett (United Kingdom)

To inspire introverts who wonder if they have what it takes to claim a leadership role. I want to show you that you have vital skills the world needs right now when considering the key characteristics of great Leaders. To our more extroverted leaders – if you want consistent results faster: invest a few minutes of your time now.

There’s a reason we are not all good at everything, we were biologically designed to work together, not separately. Understanding and appreciating your own strengths and those of others is essential in order to create effective groups of confident individuals capable of being interdependent.

It’s also important to be aware that you are always having an impact on others, but it may not be the one you desire. If I insisted that you wear my reading glasses to read because they bring my vision into focus, would that be helpful? No, yet because it works for me, I may naively believe it will work for you too.

In order to get to this high-functioning level of community, we need to start with ‘1’ – you.

Dr Bruce Lipton PhD is a stem cell biologist and an internationally recognised leader in bridging science and spirit. Dr Bruce chose to study cell biology because he thought in order to understand 30 trillion cells that make up the human body, you first have to truly understand one, when you understand one human, fully then you can begin to understand humanity, which can heal our planet.

I am working with this principle. If I help you fully understand what goes on behind the scenes internally, (and is 100% responsible for creating all the results in your external world), then you gain the freedom of CHOICE. We’re not taught this stuff on any curriculum I have ever seen, (not yet anyway!) Without this awareness, your choices are significantly reduced, which limits your potential results in life.


Permission to claim the Lead role in your life; own the truth of who you are. This takes tremendous courage by the way, (a key component of any great leader). A leader absolutely has to be prepared to stick their head above the parapet and be seen, heard and potentially make mistakes which they will need to take full responsibility for if they want to gain the respect of others. This is a very, very vulnerable thing to do, and consequently, it takes great courage. Brene Brown, research professor at the University of Houston is well known for her research on the emotions of shame and vulnerability spends 90% of her time coaching CEOs on Leadership as a result of her discoveries.

I open the door and invite you into your internal world so you can see what goes on for yourself, and I will show you how to make sense of it all for your benefit and everyone you come into contact with. It’s best if you have a mind like a parachute: both work better when they are open. If you choose to embark on this journey to reveal the true you, the first stop is ‘Personality’. For me, this is a great place to start. It’s like learning Spanish before visiting the locals in Spain; it provides a common language to talk about difficult things which need discussing, it shows your strengths in black and white, it allows you the language to describe your preferred working pace, drivers and personality goals. You will understand why you think, feel and do what you think, feel and do. You learn a lot of great information that can be implemented immediately, it can benefit all relationships fast, as really helps you speak to others in their language, which will get you great results! However, this is only one piece of the human jigsaw, there is a lot more.

Source: iCN Issue 41  (Leadership Coaching); pages 39-44

About Tracey May

Tracey May is a leadership coach, personality profiling trainer, NLP master practitioner, radio show and podcast host and an expert in unravelling the mystery behind a successful and fulfilling life. You can choose the lead role in your life and live ‘on purpose’.

Success is an inside job and we will go ‘behind the scenes’ of your internal world to transform what you see in your external world which in turns inspires others to do the same.

The application of this wisdom has transformed Tracey’s personal and business life to such a degree that it felt wrong not to share what’s possible. If I can do it, so can you! Everything you need to claim the life experience you desire of can be learnt. Tracey will teach, coach, guide and support you to implement these insights in her Learn 2 Lead program so you feel confident and empowered to make the decisions that will take you where you want to go.