Leaders Gaining Momentum

by Helma Lieberwerth (Netherlands)

Leaders get fairly ambitious goals within their organisation. It’s quite a challenge for them to meet those high expectations. They do their very best to deliver what is expected of them personally. And they have to get their team on board to take up their contribution to the ambitions. As their coach, you will have to learn them to look at team members and situations with different eyes to deliver the desired result. In this article I share with you what they should be alert to in order to gain momentum in their team.

Bigger Picture
When you coach leaders, you actually coach everyone who is directly and indirectly involved with the leader. That means that all the cogs in the bigger picture must do what they are there for. But how do you know who someone is? Just real, without socially desirable behaviour or following a hype? It is a big question, which is really answered from the Intention of Being vision.

Unique Contribution

The Intention of Being expresses what someone uniquely contributes to themselves and to a specific group of people. It’s who he essentially is, even if he doesn’t do anything. It’s what he radiates from all his pores, a kind of unspoken invitation to come to him for that. It is where he is of use, where he experiences fulfillment and meaning. Examples of Intention of Beings are Expression, Place, Home, Together, Connection, Own way, Transformation. And there are many, many more. There are people who have the same Intention of Being and yet are different. The difference lies in the context in which someone has to bring his Intention of Being. That’s that specific group of people.

Be Who You Are

An Intention of Being consists of several parts. A human being is born with a strong inner desire. That desire continuously pushes him to fully manifest his Intention of Being. The construction of his body is specifically attuned to the realisation of his Intention of Being. He has been given talents with which he realises his Intention of Being. He uses them right from the beginning of his life as if he had years of experience in this. He just does that, does not have to learn anything for that.

And, he is born into an environment where in the first 10 years of his life he sees, hears and experiences things that prepare him to fully and consciously live his Intention of Being later in life. It is, as it were, his package of subjects in his school of life.


Those lessons from his package of subjects pass by just as long, and with increasing impact, until his Intention of Being is fully fulfilled. Also in work situations. There are several signals from which you can conclude that a part of someone’s Intention of Being still wants to be fulfilled. One of those signals is if someone is feeling frustrated, irritated, annoyed or grumpy.

Source: iCN Issue 41  (Leadership Coaching); pages 29-30

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Helma Lieberwerth is the worldwide authority for providing insight into how you can be your true self. She has a phenomenal talent to give meaning to the signals that we receive on how to live a fulfilling life from inner trust. She described her revolutionary view of people and personal growth in her vision Intention of Being.

She also developed the paradigm shifting guiding methodology Quaning. Helma has more than 35 years of international experience in guiding, training and inspiring people and in educating and guiding leaders, Quaners, trainers and consultants.

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