By Krisztina Csurgo – iCN Journalist (Hungary/Egypt)

Once we start our journey as a new coach, mostly we will face with some challenges when it comes to building our business. The funny part is, that it was never easier to reach out for information as we can find huge amount of related tools and solutions online.

So then what are all our struggles about?

If you would ask the question from other coaches: How to put your name out there or how to attract your first clients? You would have 1000 different answers.

Source: iCN Issue 15 (Marketing for Coaches); page 55

csurgoAbout Krisztina Csurgo

Krisztina Csurgo is a Family Wellness Coach It is based on personal fitness training, coaching and team building. The aim is to make families strong and supportive micro-communities where everyone knows their strengths and weaknesses and is respected by the others. With this team building philosophy, it is easy to achieve a healthier lifestyle without fights and major problems between husband and wife.

Krisztina is also the Editor & Founder PT Coaching Hungary, The first ( one and only ) free online mentor support for personal trainers in Hungary.