By Cristina Palma (France)


If you really want to understand and put things into practice to become wealthy sooner than later, then this book is for you. Not a “get rich quickly scheme” but certainly a sustainable and viable one, The Job Delusion written by Kevin H. Boyd has not only manages to share the experience of his author on how to achieve an effortless successful financial life, but most of all, it get us into the inside job of becoming rich in a rewarding manner, congruent to one’s life purpose.

Easy to read, fast to accomplish, the book propose a different options on how to invest money that you have or do not have in order to increase passive income and generate more sources of abundance in your path towards a purposeful life. Although the author does not intend to give us a quick rich scheme solution, he certainly fast tracked to the gist of what it takes to move forward on the idea of effortless financial success.

Source: iCN Issue 6 (Personal Style & Wellness Coaching); page 34

About Cristina Palma

Cristina Palma, a Life Creativist Coach, Social Researcher, and a Journalist for radio and print graduated from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, with a Master in International NGO Management from Spain, and International Business from France. With more then 25 years of life and work experience around the world; Australia, France, Romania, great part of Africa and Latin America, Cristina has worked in the private and public sector and extensively with the third sector in international cooperation assignments. Multilingual, Spanish, English and French, she is interested in social entrepreneurship, intercultural communication, sustainable futures, capacity building, creativity and personal development. She works particularly with those who are making a difference in the world, since her motto in life is to “Contribute to overcome financial and spiritual poverty in the world”.