by Emma Ford (UK)

Interviews are often seen as the domain of the interviewer. A situation when someone will be interrogated and pressurised, but perhaps this is the view of the candidate and not (always) the intent of the interviewer.

If a candidate approaches the process of interviews thinking that something is going to be done to them and that the interviewer is in sole control of the conversation, then maybe that is what happens; so how can they change the way they think?

  • Change the wording used, an ‘interview’ becomes a ‘meeting’
  • The ‘meeting’ subject matter is the candidate
  • The ‘meeting’ is an adult conversation to ensure the candidate:
  • has the skills, knowledge, experience and ability needed
  • Is motivated to do the job and work for the organisation
  • will add value to the team and the organisation
  • The candidate is the expert on the subject matter – That’s YOU

Source: iCN Issue 25  (Career Coaching); pages 23-24