by Ashley Gordon and Brian Tregunna (UK)

Ashley Gordon and Brian Tregunna explain how they use a Coaching-based approach to help people prepare for a successful interview.

Preparation for a workplace interview can seem complex and daunting, often leading to high levels of anxiety and nervousness, but, when people are coached to develop a full understanding of the process, it becomes a lot easier and the likelihood of success is raised significantly. We’ve both used a coaching-based approach to help a wide range of people achieve success at interviews, varying from senior leaders looking to step-up to an executive level to middle managers seeking promotion and long-term unemployed trying to get back into work.

Some people only think about preparing for an interview when one happens to come along and is an unavoidable obstacle to getting what they want. This can work for a few people who don’t like to plan ahead and are comfortable with having to ‘think on their feet’, but it does tend to lead to a very reactive short-term focus, with increased risk of failure.

We’ve found that most people can increase their likelihood of success by developing a long-term plan, then regarding a job interview as simply a small, but important, step on a much longer journey. That journey begins with using personal coaching to help them strengthen their self-awareness and ends with the achievement of their long-term goals.

Source: iCN Issue 25  (Career Coaching); pages 13-15

About the Authors

Ashley Gordon

Ash is a well-qualified trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line TherapyTM, Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching with considerable experience of empowering other people to improve their lives through his own company ‘Personal Breakthrough Solutions’. Further information on Ash and the services he provides can be found on his website or Facebook page.

Contact no. 07544273540


Brian Tregunna

Brian is a highly acclaimed Coach, Trainer and Leader. He has his own Coaching and Personal Development company, ‘TLC’, working with organisations, groups and individuals to achieve high performance through bespoke coaching, training, mentoring and personal development.

Further information and contact details are available on Brian’s website

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