After launching eight (8) issues, the International Coaching News (ICN) magazine continues to build momentum. The January edition expands on all the ingredients that made all editions a success, and includes several extra treats.

For our 9th edition our theme is focused on Sales Coaching, inspired by the significant challenges and the need for selling in the coaching community. This edition is loaded with content on a variety of relevant topics such as developing sales approaches and techniques that are suited to individual’s personality types.

The iCN is proud to have collaborated with several renowned international columnists, expert coaches and best-selling authors to provide insights on sales coaching. In this edition it contains some content definitely worth a read, for example a Case Study – Coaching in the Workplace by Malcolm Nicholson from United Kindgom, taken from an interview between Malcolm and Martin Brommell, Sales Excellence Coach, where he provides an excellent sales programme to help people achieve their full potential and be the best they can be in order to win in the marketplace. In Developing your Sales Skills by Laureen Quick from United States, Laureen, reminds us about the three foundational skills required in sales, which are: the ability to bounce back from rejections, the personal connection with not only the people we are selling to but with our colleagues too, and lastly the ability to think on our feet. Another noteworthy article is our Feature Article When the selling gets tough, the tough get selling where Silvia Bailes from South Africa, gives us insights on enriching our soft skills in the selling journey and optimizing our personal brands as well as the services or products we provide. You’re a Matchmaker NOT a Sales Person! Soft Selling Skills for Coaches by Patti Pokorchak from Canada, draws on the steps to effective face-to-face meetings for coaches. From our iCN Journalist in Romania Nicoleta Cristina Burca “Yes, we can!” Market Trends of Female Leaders in Romania – an Interview with Bianca Corau, who believes that ambition, energy and passion are the three attributes that one should posses in order to be successful both in career and personal life. Each of our columnists, too numerous to mention, have taken some really interesting perspectives, and I would encourage a thorough read-through this edition.

Just like all our other editions, this edition is not just an interesting read, but it provides  you with helpful coaching  tools, personal development ideas and professional development techniques to grow your business.

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We hope you enjoy this edition and I look forward to receiving your feedback!