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Good afternoon, it has come to my attention that many people read this newsletter but really don’t read it at all. Gerard and I would like to invite you all to find out more information about what we do and how you can get involved.

On Wednesday the 15th October at 12.00hrs BST we will be presenting a live Webinar around The Alpha Group. It is FREE to attend and an opportunity to learn what it is we have created here before it is to late.

All you need to do is email either Mark or Colin on the emails at the bottom of this Newsletter for the link to this event.

In October we will see the opening of 6 new Alpha Groups, in Bucharest, Warsaw(2nd), 2 in the Netherlands, Northampton UK and SW London

We have some more very interesting developments.This month we have appointed an International Recruitment Director to assist Colin in the rapid growth of The Alpha Group. His name is Mark Sands and he is a hugely experienced Recruiter in this field.

“Good afternoon, and thank you for taking the time to connect with me.

As you may have seen I am Head of Recruitment for The Alpha Group, which is a subsidiary of Noble Manhattan, and I have tasked myself on focussing on our growth in Europe, as, due to demand we have had no choice but to escalate our global growth plans and have had to branch out quicker than expected.

We are looking for strong coaches and trainers who can take charge and work on their own steam to become Regional Directors in their locale, where they reside.

The income can be as passive or as dominant as you want and the role can quite easily run alongside another role as it would be totally up to you how much you grow, how many hours you work and how fast.

Some of our Regional Directors or RD’s aspire to have just one group up and running earning them around £2.5K per month, and others have as many as 4 groups.

We look for mature and strong leaders who can facilitate and guide one monthly meeting every month for a group 5+ of CEO’s and business sector leaders.

Full training and certification is provided and you can look further at this on If this is something of interest, please dont hesitate to let me know and we can talk further and I can send you a few webinar links and tell you the next step”

Mark Sands

Thanks Mark!!

Are you a business coach or a business mentor looking to help business professionals to boost the value of their business easily within a short span of time? If helping and guiding Managing Directors, CEO’S and business owners to improve their business in the most efficient manner is your goal, then you need to become a Regional Director with The Alpha Group (TAG). Becoming a TAG Director will provide you with the personal and focused attention that you need as a coach or a mentor to motivate your members and clients to add value to their business easily.

Ideal Option For Coaches And Mentors

If you have a passion to make significant changes in the life of your clients in terms of their business and personal relationships, then becoming a TAG Director is a very good option. You will be meeting a group of like minded professionals on a monthly basis who are keen to scale greater heights in their business. The monthly training is the place where you will be able to transform the performance of your client’s business through practical training sessions, proper business guidance and support as well as focused meetings.

In every meeting, you will first deliver a high impact Fast Growth workshop for 60 minutes that will motivate and equip your members to accomplish their business goals. This will be followed by 3 Mastermind sessions, where you will work with like minded people to resolve each other’s critical business issues and help in the growth of other’s businesses. Each of the actions or the decision taken will be accountable. These exercises will make the members your group to develop as personal Board of Advisors for each other and thereby become thick friends over a period of time.

What Tag Regional Directors Need To Do?  

The successful Alpha Group Regional Directors will:

  • Turn out to be highly qualified, professional and experienced mentors or coaches or trainers in the business field.
  • Make sure that the best standards of professionalism are maintained at all times.
  • Be ready to share their ideas, knowledge, wisdom and experience with their members.
  • Be ready to develop successful Alpha Groups that will help them to improve on their income.
  • Be totally committed and accountable for making a huge transformational change in the attitude and behavior of their members towards business.


Rewards You Can Enjoy

The following are the rewards that you earn by becoming a TAG Regional Director:

  • You can work from anywhere you like and are in charge of your time.
  • You can have a very good balance of work and life and can choose a working style that will best suit your lifestyle.
  • You can earn a handsome income, if you have the goal and the vision you could  earn even more.Your first full group will earn you upto £2000 per month every month.
  • Help your members to achieve greater business success through your advice, direction and motivation.

So, what are you waiting for? Join The Alpha Group’s revolution as a Regional Director and take great joy in helping your members dominates in their business fields.

The next training Course for Alpha Group Directors;

23rd October Bucharest Romania

13th November London UK

04th December London UK

04th January Johannesburg SA  

For more information about The Alpha Group and what it can do for you, please feel free to contact:

Colin Lindsay, Managing Director 07795976292

Mark Sands, International Recruitment Manager