By: Astha Sharma (India)

How often have you heard from your manager or spoken the below mentioned familiar statements to your team members, during developmental discussions?

  1. “You are an above average performer, but ‘If Only’ you possessed ‘ABC’ you could become excellent contributor”
  2. “You are my top performer, however ‘If Only’ you had better ‘XYZ’, you could easily make it to the next level in the next few months”

Mathematically speaking, in the above mentioned statements, let’s assume ‘XYZ’ and ‘ABC’ to be variables with Time (t) keeping the rest of the sentence being constant, where ‘XYZ’ could be communication skills/assertiveness/hesitation/ persuasiveness/drive/enthusiasm etc, and ‘ABC’ could be people management or social skills/ approachability/ team skills/ delegation abilities etc.

If the answer is a “Yes” to even one of the above for you as a speaker or listener, then you and your organisation needs a ‘High Performance Coach’. A HiPo Coach is someone who spends time coaching your good and best potential performers in overcoming the critical short comings at professional or personal sphere that holds them back from achieving what they are capable of. Basically, a HiPo Coach may be personified with the paintbrush that can help paint the last bit of the white elephant’s grey tail

Source: iCN Issue 18  (Career Coaching); pages 46-48

About Astha Sharma

Astha Sharma is a tenured HR professional with more than 9 years of experience in Learning & Organisational development. Is also a certified Life Coach currently freelancing by using the tools of neuroscience that form the base of this article as well. Is a certified trainer by Dale Carnegie, India and has a forte in behavioural and soft skills training content and facilitation. A qualified Pharmacist who did her post graduation in Management from Manipal, Karnataka and chose to carve a path in HR and L&OD space. The author enjoys reading books and different human personality shades. Been a part of organisations like Sun Pharma (ernstwhile Ranbaxy), Exl Service Ltd. And Sun Life Financials as part of her corporate stint so far.