By Gary R. Gasaway (USA)

With any implementation, there is change. Many of the challenges with change brings about conflict. There are many issues concerning conflict with employees, none more than change. Unfortunately, many supervisors, managers, and especially executives are not equipped to handle conflict as it relates to change in the workplace. They need help! Therefore, there is an emergence of what I refer to as Conflict Coaches.

Conflict can cause many issues with employees. Although there are effective ways for employees to bounce back from these types of setbacks. Even with conflict from ineffective management, some employees seem to recover from negative events more easily than others. The key is resilience. With an effective Conflict Coach, the employees can accept the major changes. An effective Conflict Coach can influence employees to appreciate that change is a part of life and to go with it instead of fighting it. If a good vision is communicated; then looking ahead can be beneficial. In other words, the current situation might be difficult, but it won’t last forever. The Conflict Coach can influence employees to see beyond the change to the strong possibility of happier times.

Source: iCN Issue 14 vol.2  (Marketing for Coaches); pages 39-41

About Gary R. Gasaway

Conflict Coaching Solutions, LLC

Certified Professional Life Coach, Coach Training Alliance (CTA), accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF)

As a retired manager from Southern California Edison, Gary used his natural talent for coaching and became a “corporate coach.” During his over 31 years with the company, he designed and developed several coaching courses and workshops that he facilitated to hundreds of supervisors and managers throughout the company. Gary also authored weekly coaching articles: The Coach’s Notes that were distributed throughout the company. He has published his first book: THE COACH’S CHRONICLES: A JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE’S TRIALS AND TRIUMPHS.