Developing your Coaching Business – Business coaching helps owners of small and medium sized businesses with their sales, marketing, management, team building and so much more. Most importantly, just like a sporting coach, your Business Coach will make you focus on the game.

In this edition this will be filled with resources, tips, techniques to help coaches & entrepreneurs to achieve business goals & potential.

Potential Topics we need ideas

  • Techniques to build your coaching business
  • Insights to generate new clients and build profits
  • The secrets of highly effective networking
  • What to do & not to do when marketing your business
  • Business-building tools and products
  • How to create a “success” mindset
  • Understand how others perceive you and your message, and where to ‘tweak’ both for better results
  • Crafting a powerful elevator speech
  • Help designing a highly lucrative business plan
  • Leveraging technology to aid in your coaching business

Article Deadline: February 2020

Ad deadline: March 2020

Press Release: April 2020

Official launch: May 2020


Group coaching is taking many forms globally, given that it is driven and shaped by the various needs of different client groups. The group coaching conversation can feel “wide and broad” rather than the deep, deep dive of an individual coaching conversation.

For this edition, we would like to invite perspectives, insights & articles on:

  • What is Group/Team Coaching?
  • What is the difference between Group Coaching & Team Coaching?
  • Secrets of successful group and team coaching experiences for both coaches and clients,
  • Applications for Group Coaching
  • Effective Tools used for Group Coaching
  • Group Coaching benefits for clients, organisations & coaches
  • Success/inspiring stories with the use of group coaching;
  • And other vital issues in group or team coaching.

Article Deadline: May 2020

Ad deadline: June 2020

Press Release: July 2020

Official launch: August 2020


Most of the life coaching program’s purpose is to empower clients to envision and create the life they most desire or want. Identifying your goals is one of the hardest things you do when you’re trying to make a change and get started on something new. A life coach is great at helping you interpret your dreams and ideas, and organize them into tangible goals. In a way, they help you to connect what your head is saying and what your heart is saying to find some agreement between the two that points toward your passions.

In this edition, we will be looking for unique perspectives on, but not limited to:

  • Setting & Achieving Goals and Objectives
  • Taking More Effective & Focused Actions
  • Creating More Time & Energy
  • Fulfilling Personal and Emotional Needs
  • Identifying Core Values and Passions
  • Making an Important Life Transition
  • Making Key Decisions and Designing Strategies for Success
  • Communicating Powerfully and Succinctly
  • Getting Organized
  • A Good Understanding of Yourself and Your Feelings
  • What are the coaching tools used to succeed with life coaching
  • Life coaching as a tool for success
  • Success/inspiring coaching stories

Article Deadline: August 2020

Ad deadline: September 2020

Press Release: October 2020

Official launch: November 2020


Even though they’ve spent thousands of hours fine tuning their craft, even though they’ve been working with clients for years – sometimes even decades – the world’s top coaches constantly turn to coaching frameworks that include tried-and-tested coaching techniques. A good life coach will implement many different tools for helping you, such as telephone conversations, online interactions, journaling, goal-tracking, homework and assessments. At the same time, they will always centre their approach around your specific preferences and needs, making it possible for you to take ownership of your behaviours, actions and life.

This issue will solely focus on coaching tools, tips & techniques used by seasoned coaches, to aid you in your coaching profession.

In this edition, we will be looking for unique perspectives on, but not limited to:

  • Coaching Tools, Techniques & Models – What, How and When to use them
  • What are the latest & effective coaching models
  • What are the tools, techniques & models you use to make the work you do stand out as memorable?
  • What are the results that are possible when you introduce new stimuli into your work?
  • How do tools, techniques & models add value and help your marketing or branding?
  • How do you “break the ice,” get out of a rut, shift perspective and create aha moments?

Article Deadline: November 2020

Ad deadline: December 2020

Press Release: January 2021

Official launch: Febraury 2021

*NOTE: Official Launch dates are tentative and may change, we will be informing you through email for any changes.


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