by Sarah Adams (IAPC&M)

Access to information has never been easier. We live and work in an age of super-fast sophisticated technology that pushes the latest news stories (useful or not!) to our phones, ensuring that we are constantly hooked in to the information superhighway.

Yes, we may well be heading for information overload, and in many ways a regular digital detox is not a bad thing, but are we all really using digital communications to our best advantage? Effective and measured use of technology is one of the best ways to let people know you are there, it will help you reach new audiences, you can share your thoughts and opinions with the world, raise important issues and ultimately grow your business by raising your profile.

Although traditional PR and communication methods still have their place, there is now so much more that business owners can do to promote themselves without having to allocate a hefty PR budget, and that is mostly down to the dawning of the digital age.

Source: iCN Issue 21 (Business Coaching); pages 45-47