by Marta Samson (UK)

As a business coach one of the questions I get asked most often is: ‘What do I do to market my coaching business?’ I have been in the coaching business industry since I started my training. I have done numerous free coaching sessions, programmes and workshops with several people before I got my qualification in 2015. I have learned that being consistent and showing up for what you were called each day is the most powerful thing you can do!

In any business we need to think smart and create a marketing strategy that will be authentic with ‘who you are’; doing things that you feel uncomfortable is going to drain your energy and enthusiasm.  Also, I believe that we need to be open to amend errors and move quickly, especially in the early stages of running a business.

One of my mistakes was that I did not use social media platforms when I was doing my training.  If I did done I would have obtained a lot of testimonials and my target audience would have been able to follow my journey from the beginning.

In order to be successful, you need to consider how you are going to market your business. This is critical. You must have marketing at the forefront of your mind whilst considering each step you take in the creation of your business.

Source: iCN Issue 21 (Business Coaching); pages 37-39