by Maria Harley

There is a famous saying by a famous Chinese philosopher, San Tzu:

‘Every battle is won before it is fought’

This is equally true for every matter, especially ones involving business and commerce. A company can be competent and well-established, on the path to success and scoring the highest profit margins—but could be lacking one of the main ingredients of success. This ingredient is ‘teamwork’.

Teamwork involves collaborative and participative behaviour that uplifts employees and management alike. Business leaders and CEOs are the ones who take out time to ‘invest’ in their employees, coaching them to become better people. However, most of the times these leaders can become so distracted with the success that they forget to push employees to explore their potential fully, resulting in employee dissatisfaction which is the main cause of turnover.

So how can these leaders take the initiative of coaching their employees to reduce this turnover? Read on to find out.

Source: iCN Issue 25  (Career Coaching); pages 26-27