By Mal Williamson (United Kingdom)

Coaching creators are wonderfully satisfying because I know they will go off and make new work that enriches all our lives.

However, they are different. This article outlines three key areas to bear in mind when motivating, healing and developing artists, musicians and all those in the creative industries.

  • Creators feed from their own problems
  • Creators attach themselves to their work
  • Creators are not motivated by money

Source: iCN Issue 16 (NLP & Coaching); pages 47-51

MalWAbout Mal Williamson

Mal Williamson is a film-maker and educator, trained in NLP, IEMT and Provocative Therapy. After a career as a university lecturer he founded Creator College in Hull – UK City of Culture 2017. He has developed interactive multimedia products for NHS, Home Office and charities in the telehealth and drugs misuse sectors. He has a private client coaching service, specialising in artists, musicians and the creative industries as well as taking referrals from doctors, social services and mental health services.”